Speedy Cash optimizes performance of major SQL Server-based application using Experda workload tuning solution
JERUSALEM, Israel, November 19 2012 – DBSophic, an innovative provider of performance management products for SQL Server based applications, announced that Speedy Cash, a leading provider of short-term loans and other alternative financial services, has adopted Qure Optimizer. Qure Optimizer is the first product to implement workload tuning, a new approach to SQL Server performance optimization. Unlike traditional query-by-query tuning techniques, workload tuning optimizes the entire database workload automatically.
Speedy Cash adopted Qure Optimizer to improve the performance of the company’s main application, responsible for the processing of all customer transactions. Serving thousands of end-users, the Speedy Cash application handles transactions from the company’s contact centers and from hundreds of points-of-sale across the globe, as well as direct customer transactions via the company’s websites.
“We are continually improving database and application performance to meet the growing needs of our business and to ensure customer satisfaction,” says Randall Neth, Director of Database Administration for Speedy Cash and a SQL Server 2008 Microsoft Certified Master (MCM). “We realized that we needed a solution to help us tune our large and complex database workload, and that’s why we chose Qure Optimizer. The tool has provided us with a wealth of recommendations for significantly enhancing performance. The initial results have been very encouraging. My team and I look forward to deploying more of the recommendations into production.”
A free trial version of Qure Optimizer may be downloaded from the Experda website.

About Speedy Cash

Founded in 1997, Speedy Cash is a leading provider of short-term loans and other alternative financial services in the United States, Canada and theUnited Kingdom. The variety of financial services offered by Speedy Cash include payday loans, installment loans, lines of credit, cash for gold, pre-paid debit cards and more. Speedy Cash has more than 300 stores across the globe, as well as extensive online services in all three countries.
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