K3 Optimizes SQL Server Performance

Leading Microsoft partner and member of Microsoft’s Inner Circle Club optimizes performance of a complex warehousing application using Experda’s workload tuning solution for SQL Server.
JERUSALEM, Israel, January 17 2012 – Experda, an innovative provider of performance management products for SQL Server based applications, announced the successful deployment of its Qure Optimizer solution by K3 Business Technology Group. Qure Optimizer is the first product to implement workload tuning, a new approach to SQL Server performance optimization. Unlike traditional query-by-query tuning techniques, workload tuning optimizes the entire database workload automatically.
K3, one of Microsoft's largest channel partners in the UK, supplies, installs and supports Microsoft based business planning and management software. K3 turned to Qure Optimizer to address the application performance issues at one of its customers, a leading provider of agriculture-related products. The customer’s sales had grown by 300% in recent years and the company’s SQL Server based warehousing application was no longer delivering acceptable performance.
Matthew Gordon-Box, a Senior Consultant at K3, used Experda’s SQL Server performance tuning solution to optimize the tr issuesoublesome application workload. After an automated analysis of the workload in question, Qure Optimizer provided hundreds of specific recommendations, including indexing enhancements and SQL code rewrites, to improve performance. As Gordon-Box explains: “Had we been doing this work manually, without Qure Optimizer, it would have taken us years to find and fix all these issues.”
Within a few days of implementing Qure Optimizer’s recommendations, K3 received customer feedback praising the noticeable improvement in performance. Moreover, the number of customer support calls decreased to a fraction of their previous level. “Qure Optimizer increased the customer’s confidence in our products – resulting in their buying more development time and more products from us,” notes Gordon-Box.
A free trial version of Qure Optimizer, as well as a white paper about workload tuning, may be downloaded from Experda website.

About K3 Business Technology Group:

K3 supplies, installs and supports Microsoft based business planning and management software principally to retailers, manufacturers and distributors. K3's customers are primarily mid-tier retailers, manufacturers or distributors but also include larger companies within these sectors. In total, the company has installed and now supports its Microsoft based software solutions for more than 1,500 customers operating across 30 countries. K3 is one of Microsoft's largest channel partners in the UK and is a member of Microsoft's Inner Circle Club which is reserved for the top 60 partners worldwide.
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