EZManage SQL & Cloud White Paper

An all in one SQL Server management tool

EZManage SQL is a centralized management tool providing an all in one solution for the management of the MS SQL Server.
The solution supports all MS SQL Versions and includes 24/7 Monitoring and Alerts, Maintenance & Optimization, Smart Backups & Restore, Capacity Planning, Locks and Blocks, Real time and Historic performance monitoring and more.
Every organization that has SQL Server needs someone to rely on knowing that the server is well taken care of. On a day to day tasks we need to focus some of our attention on making sure the server is well maintained, backed up and incase a problem occurs we want to be notified ahead of time.
This is why EZManage SQL can be very useful simply by automatically doing all the necessary tasks and allowing you to be notified before a problem occurs. Approved by Microsoft and recommended by hundreds of customers around the world the software is one of the most powerful tools built for every organization.
Software Highlights
Centralized management console for full control of all SQL Servers in one screen
Performance monitoring view the cause of bottlenecks from the MS SQL server and OS in real time and historic
Locking and blocking dashboard view the cause of blocks and open transactions including the login name, host name the script 
Capacity planning monitor the growth size of the databases, indexes, tables with future estimation
Smart backup with up to 90% compression Restore to any point in time
Alerts dashboard Microsoft best practice server and database alerts with customization
Fast implementation apply backup, maintenance and monitoring scripts on multiple servers simultaneously
Jobs menu manage all SQL jobs from all server from a centralized jobs dashboard
Initiate automatic DBA report Save time and money of reviewing server status by receiving automatic in depth SQL Server information to your email
Key benefits
An easy way to manage your SQL Server environment
A graphical interface dashboard allows you to manage and view all MS SQL Servers and DB's from one centralized screen. If an immediate action is needed simply perform it from the main dashboard to save valuable time in logging in to each server separately. Implement backup, notification and maintenance policies on all servers simultaneously in a click of a button. 
Manage all SQL jobs from all servers in a specially designed centralized Jobs menu.
Identify bottlenecks in real time
EZManage Cloud Analyzes performance issues in real time 24/7. The software allows a drill down View of the cause whether it is coming from the OS or SQL Server. Save valuable time by viewing the user and query that causes the problem. Once a problem occurs, an alert is active, an email notification is sent and the dashboard is colored accordingly for immediate glance. Historic information is saved for future investigations.
EZManage Cloud
Access Server and database information from anywhere anytime using your mobile phone or tablet. Drill down option in any point in the dashboard for in depth information view. Filter design to view the exact information required. Backup the desktop info, server and DB to our personal cloud in amazon. This will allow you to restore in a single click using EZManage Cloud.
Advanced all in one solution
Have an automated in depth DBA report sent to you with all the important information that is necessary for you. Instead of implementing different products for backups, monitoring and performance EZManage SQL provides an all in one solution in one intuitive and advanced product. 
All versions of the SQL Servers are supported from 2000 - 2017 including express edition.
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