EZManage SQL

EZManage SQL allows a full view and in depth control of all MS SQL servers and databases in your organization from one centralized management console.
Save valuable time by managing all MS SQL Servers and databases in the organization in one product. 
Software Features:
  • Centralized management console for full control of all SQL Servers in one screen
  • Performance monitoring view the cause of bottlenecks from the MS SQL server and OS in real time and historic
  • Smart backup with up to 90% compression, Restore to any point in time Alerts dashboard, Microsoft best practise server and database alerts with customization
  • Locking and blocking dashboard view the cause of blocks and open transactions including the login name, host name the script
  • Fast implementation apply backup, maintenance and monitoring scripts on multiple servers simultaneously
  • Jobs menu manage all SQL jobs from all server from a centralized jobs dashboard.

comprehensive 24X7 SQL Performance Monitoring

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EZManage SQL provides a view of multiple servers from a centralized dashboard menu, allowing you to drill down, access and take action from your desktop.
Receiving indications from your servers and databases in real time allows to provide a faster response to deal with failures and helps improve valuable DBA or system administrator's time.

  • Manage multiple servers from a single centralized console
  • Implement backup, maintenance and alert policies on all servers simultaneously
  • Alert dashboard menu for a concentrated Server and DB view
  • Graphic view of all servers and databases in one single console
  • Manage all SQL Jobs from all servers in a centralized view
  • Perform all SQL tasks from a management dashboard
  • Run T-SQL queries on multiple servers at once
  • Define automatic HTML DBA report with information from multiple servers
  • Capacity planning for growth forecasting of drives, databases, tables and indexes

System requirements for 1-30 servers 
System requirements for 31 servers and above
  • Windows XP 32/64bit and above
  • Windows XP 32/64bit and above
Server Windows Server 2000 32/64bit and above
SQL Server 2000 and above
windows installer 3.5 and above
.net 4 and above
CPU 2 cores
Memory 2 GB
Disk space 20 GB
  • Windows Server 2000 32/64bit and above
  • SQL Server 2000 and above
  • windows installer 3.5 and above
  • .net 4 and above
  • CPU 4 cores
  • Memory 6 GB
  • Disk space 50 GB

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