Microsoft SQL Server Licenses

  • Building smart applications using Machine Learning Services using R and Python languages. Transition from a reactive approach to a forecast analysis approach using advanced analysis carried out within the database
  • Fast analysis by combining in-memory capabilities of a column and row buffer
  • Create new scenarios without affecting transaction performance
  • Extensive use of a variety of operating systems: There is widespread support for using Windows and Linux as well as for Docker containers
  • Database management skills exist with familiar tools: SQL Server Management Studio, Azure Active Directory and more
  • An option to implement APIs on a variety of platforms, as well as download tools for development in the Visual Studio environment
  • With the lowest vulnerability across the platforms for six years in a row (according to the NIST Vulnerability Database), data protection at rest and in motion, with data security innovations and the addition of Always Encrypted, dynamic data masking , Transparent data encryption (TDE) and strong audit
  • Critical task time, from fast failover, simple setup process, and load balancing of readable secondary components thanks to Critical Task Time, from a fast failover, from a simple setup process to a load balancing of readable secondary components.
* All of the information is taken from the official website of Microsoft.

Why Choose us? 

As Microsoft's ISV partner, Experda provides SQL server licenses in reduced costs.
One of the most prominent things that make Experda so unique is a winning combination of providing professional services and developing unique products for managing and improving Microsoft SQL Server performance.
While many companies in the market only provide services or products, Experda combines both types of solutions together, making it easier for the customer in many ways. 
Enterprise: High programming capabilities, advanced security options, fast performance for mid-level applications. Enterprise edition upgrades without having to change code changing.
StandardMission-critical abilities, security, high availability, advanced database performance, BI, upgraded analytics workloads.
Official Datasheet by Microsoft:
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