DBA Services

Experda provides expert DBA services for hundreds of customers of all sizes and sectors.
Whether you aim for technology upgrade or experiencing bottlenecks our staff can resolve SQL issues quickly and efficiently.
From Database design and architecture to developing tailor made solutions we will deliver it all. 
  • 24/7 SLA support to resolve your issues quickly and cost effectively
  • Expertise with top of the line technology to manage and optimize databases
  • Deliver solutions for short to long term projects
  • SQL High availability, design, implementation and testing
  • SQL server tuning for improved application response times
  • SQL upgrade and migration packages to the latest versions of MS SQL
  • Expert Architectures for SQL server based application
  • BI and Data warehouse expertise focused on customers' needs
  • Professional services provided generously by the highest quality of experts  
Experda will be happy to handle your database challenges, DB tuning or application errors at no time.
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