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EZManage SQL
  • Centralized  management console for full control over all SQL Servers 
  • Implement backup, maintenance and alert policies on all servers at once
  • 24/7 Real time and historic monitoring and alerts
  • Identify and investigate bottlenecks with performance and blocking monitor
EZManage Cloud
  • Monitor all SQL Servers in a web interface
  • Real time view of performance issues from the OS and SQL Queries 
  • Module Follow the growth size of databases, disks, rows and indexes with Capacity Planning
  • Interface smartphone, tablets and laptops
EZManage Cloud Backup
  • Encrypted backups directly to Microsoft Azure
  • Backup out of the organization for protection from Viruses, fire and etc
  • One click restore from anywhere anytime
  • Daily backup reports
  • 200 GB Cloud Backup
Qure Optimizer
  • Automatic Tuning of millions of queries with no load on production
  • Save years of expert DBA time by automating the tuning process
  • Avoid unnecessary hardware upgrades and save millions
  • 5 times faster improved enterprise application
Qure Profiler
  • View SQL activity in real-time
  • Sort, Group and export batches
  • Index recommendations in Real time
  • Compare SQL traces
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