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MS SQL server performance improvement?
Leave it to Experda's experts
In a Big Data world, where efficient database management is a prerequisite to business success, Experda's unique automation and immediate performance improvement solutions for your MS SQL servers, together with the revolutionary product the company will unveil at the Pass Summit 2019 conference in Seattle, will give you a powerful business advantage.
The Information Revolution is already here. Are you making the best of it?
Business organizations much like yours collect and accumulate vast quantities of data from various sources. That said, without a real ability to handle the flow of data, to translate client, production and inventory data into operational actions such as processing, monitoring, segmentation, creation of reports and conclusion, the precious data gathered with so much hard work may become worthless.
This is only the start. Ensuring the survivability of your database in a manner that would prevent a slowdown or shutdown of your business operations and the ability of your database to work in full integration with other systems in the organization is necessary for it to operate properly – and that is exactly where Experda comes in.
Experda specializes in database maintenance and performance improvement.
Experda, a Genie group company, has been providing database administrator services for Microsoft SQL server databases for 15 years. Moreover, the company develops a variety of unique products for automation, efficient management, data recovery and performance improvement for these servers, to be performed immediately and without interference with the work routine at the organization. As a leader in its field, Experda assists over 1,000 business, financial, institutional and academic clients in Israel and around the world who use Microsoft SQL servers. It provides support, maintenance, and monitoring services to DPA personnel, CIOs, IT managers and network administrators. Furthermore, Experda offers DBA outsourcing services. These services, accompanied with advanced solutions that perform their tasks in an automated, advanced manner, dramatically reduce the frequency of malfunctions and shutdowns that may harm an organization's operations, revenue and reputation, as well as reduce costs, improve performance, and aid in detecting malfunctions in advance.
EZManage Cloud
If previously you purchased separate products for backup, monitoring, diagnosing performance issues, as well as additional products that did not interface, implemented them separately, and managed and maintained them using several serves, Experda's EZManage Cloud changes the rules.
EZManage Cloud uses an Internet interface to display the status of all of the organization's SQL servers at any place and at any time, and investigates performance problems both in real time and historically – and all this in a single system, which can be easily used by any system administration, without a need for DBA knowledge and skills:
·       Smart backup and restore
·       Maintenance and optimization (up to 30% performance improvement)
·        24/7 monitoring and control
·       Advance analysis and identification of performance issues and bottlenecks in SQL servers and operating system.
·       Identifying and logging the growth rate of drives, databases, tables, indexes, etc.
·       Interfacing directly with smartphones etc.
·       Database data security.
·       Automatic daily reports directly to email.
EZManage Security and Auditing
Recently Experda had incorporated in EZManage an innovative system including over 30 security methods recommended by Microsoft system. The system provides a solution for data security and monitoring requirements, as well as the privacy protection regulations in HIPAA, GDPR and PC, which require you to take all the steps to protect the organization from internal and external threats. EZManage Security & Auditing will enable you to monitor and identify unusual or suspect activity, to limit users, set access permissions, etc.:
·       Monitoring all SQL database and security aptivities.
·       Personalized reports by application and users.
·       Personalized inspection, alarms, and reports.
·       "Who, what, where and when" and Before & After inspections.
·       Easy and efficient inspection management on a number of servers simultaneously.
Qure Optimizer
Have you experienced a database performance problem?
It is likely your DBA will connect to the system and begin documenting the causes for the delays. They will analyze the record and attempt to estimate the cause, assuming that it is a SQL problem and not another problem, which would require network personnel to get involved… However you slice it, this is a firefighting process that does not fundamentally solve the performance problems.
Experda's Qure Optimizer solves the problem before it even begins.
The system will carry out a full and automatic broad analysis for all process in a sterile environment, identify the performance problems and their causes, and provide you with scientific recommendations for a broad-based performance improvement for your SQL servers, e.g. index addition/removal, rewriting queries, updating database permissions, etc. The performance improvement will be presented to you in a summary report, tested in a special servers, and at the end of the process you will receive precise scientific recommendations with a proven capability to improve duration, CPU, and physical and logical reads performance.
Soon: A new real time platform!
At the Pass Summit 2019 conference, held in Seattle in November 2019, Experda shall unveil a secure breakthrough platform, providing real time performance improvement for database servers.
That's something to wait for!
Would you like to know more about Experda's database management solutions and our revolutionary real time system?
Contact us and a company representative will contact you soon.
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